See what makes us different and why our dogs are Built To Bite.

Bridging the gap between pedigree and performance is what sets Rising S K9 apart from other sport dog training on the market. In the world of bite-sports, most dogs are trained in such a way that the dogs see their training for what it is…. a game. Our dogs are built to bite! Trained with superior methods to traditional Schutzund and IPO sport dogs; our dogs are conditioned to perform and see this training as more than just a game. They’re trained to see it as their job!

We implement all of the training methods that traditional sport dogs undergo, but we go beyond that by adopting training methods used by the KNPV. (the organization that certified police dogs, military dogs and governmental service dogs with their handlers) KNPV certified dogs operate at a higher level than your typical sport dog because they are trained with a stricter sense of duty in addition to facing more obstacles, more discipline against distraction and a great deal more resistance during their training. That’s why we’ve adopted many of the KNPV practices and techniques in our training regiment. We are striving for the highest level of performance in our dogs.

Additionally, our dogs spend significant time in the trainers homes and inside family environments. They are taught to bond with their handlers and they look to the handlers for approval when they come in contact with new people. In addition to their advanced training, we condition our dogs to be a fully functional part of the family.