Going beyond standard training

All of our dogs are IPO certified or Schutzhund trained to ensure they are conditioned physically and mentally for the stresses that come from being a working protection dog. However that is just the beginning. All of our dogs will then be cross trained with the same KNPV methods that are used on military and police dogs. This is to help the dog learn how to make decisions that ensure they can perform their tasks at the highest level. (click here for explanation on the differences between Schutzhund / IPO & protection dogs) This training will ensure that your dog will perform in real life and death scenarios. Scenarios in which your dog might face physical resistance and force. Scenarios that truly test the dogs drive to win a fight. However beyond the protection dog training; some dogs are going to have specialized jobs and we can train your dog for the specific tasks you have in store.

For example; you may want your dog to alert and identify certain sounds associated with an intruder (jiggling door knobs and outside noises), or maybe you need a dog to track a specific animal. There are probably endless specifics that standard IPO certification and protection dog training do not cover. These dogs are highly intelligent and capable of performing countless duties. Rising S offers top level training to prepare the dog for the tasks ahead of it.


Training a dog doesn’t stop with the dog’s skill set alone. No matter what you’ve been told; you can’t buy a protection dog “off the shelf” and go home with it the same day. If you want the best out of your dog; a unique bond must be formed between the dog and the handler and this can’t be rushed. The dog must accept you as the alpha and come to trust you on it’s own. Your dog’s ability to perform tasks successfully is largely contingent on your own ability to understand, communicate clearly and control the dog. This training can take days or sometimes weeks.


Some of our clients have been restricted to a wheelchair. We offer all of the training needed to enjoy your new protection dog in or out of the chair.