April 19, 2016


We are expecting a new litter of puppies and they should be available for new homes July 4th!  Fathered by our top stud dog COP and carried by one of our favorite females KASA, this litter will be ripe with pups of great potential.


Cop’s 5 championship titles in German bite sports and his certification as an IPO3 speak volumes to the quality in his genetics. Cop has high intelligence, great drive and trained focus combined with a great physique and beautiful sable coat.  He is literally everything you would want in a protection dog and he produces great puppies.

Kasa is one of our smartest protection dogs with a IPO1 certification. She has all of the most important qualities (drive, focus, good nerves) combined with a gentle temperament. Kasa is incredibly patient and gentle with children making her a great pick for producing puppies.

We will be taking deposits starting on May 5th, 2016. Pups will be sold for $3,500-$6,000.  Reservations also available for 1st pick of the litter, 2nd pick of the litter and 3rd pick of the litter.


Kasa obeying her handler…4 year old Emma Scott.


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