Kharma is a top of the line black German Shepherd with gorgeous eyes, don’t let the eyes fool you though she loves the bite to. Kharma has a very laid back personality very calming, until someone becomes aggressive towards her handler. She loves jumping obstacles and likes to army crawl a lot. A very passive handler would be needed with this dog to build the perfect bond she is not a dominant dog towards other dogs. Would make the perfect family dog or even a solo handler.



About The Breed: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is one of America’s most popular dog breeds — for good reason. They’re an intelligent and capable working dog. Their devotion and courage are unmatched. They are amazingly versatile, excelling at most anything they’re trained to do: guide and assistance work for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience and, last but not least, faithful companion.