** ZIA IS FOR SALE:  $5,000

Born 3/26/2017

Zia is a beautiful sable coat female German Shepherd out of GunniXKasa. She was born 3/26/17 and raised here at our facility. She loves attention, playing ball, and is very loving. Her ball drive is high and her bite work is off to a great start as well as her obedience. Zia began training when she was just a puppy at 6 weeks old and gets daily training with socialization, obedience, and civil bite work. We also teach her to guard and alert on command at the bad guy. She is very willing to learn which makes things progress quickly in her training. We have raised her with love and positive reinforcement, this type of training helps cultivate protection dogs. We believe she has the potential to be finished out as a great protection dog and forever companion.