** QUART IS FOR SALE:  $24,000

DOB 2/20/2015: Quart Ze Stribrneho Kamene is a beautiful sable male. He is an import from Germany and holds his IPO1 title.

Quart is one of the top dogs at our kennel with a level 3 in obedience and years of protection experience. His bloodlines are superior, they’re 100% European and present the top working dog pedigree in the working dog world. Quart is highly attentive and eager to please his handler. This is a great trait for a protection dog to have.

Like our other K9s we train with real life scenarios and positive reinforcement. Quart is very playful and very comfortable in a home and around children. When it comes to his bite work he has a hard unforgiving bite in defense to his handler with a strong confident personality. Quart loves to be outside, play tug-of- war, and swim. ​

** QUART IS FOR SALE:  $24,000