** Polly IS FOR SALE:  $15,000

This is Polly and she was born on 9/17/16. She is a beautiful solid black female German Shepherd. She weighs approximately 45 lbs and people fall in love with her small compact disposition.

She is the perfect size for anyone who enjoys traveling, has a smaller vehicle, a smaller home, or is just looking for a smaller Shepherd. Weight wise she probably won’t get any bigger than 55 lbs.

Polly is very attentive to her surroundings, she watches who comes in and out of doors in public places and never takes her eyes off of people communicating with you. She is confident and strong in her bite. She is very loving and enjoys her play time. These show all the qualities one would look for in a protection dog.

Currently Polly is finished in the bite work aspect of her training, but we’re working on her obedience. She is still very young and within the next six months her price will go up as we finish her obedience out. She’s sure to make someone a great family member.​

** Polly IS FOR SALE:  $15,000