** NILLA IS FOR SALE:  $28,000

This is Nilla born 3/15/15; she is a beautiful solid black female German shepherd. Weighing approximately 76 lbs, people fall in love with her as soon as they see her with her disposition and beautiful full black coat.

Nilla is sure the one to catch an eye. Her look is serious and she means business. She enjoys the water as well as playing fetch with whichever sticks she can find at the time. Raised in a home in Germany she has all the family and children experience that one needs. She is very patient when it comes to her obedience and is very attentive when you talk to her.

Her disposition and color make her a very desirable dog. Nilla has also received her BH title while in Germany. Her bite work is amazing as well as her drive to learn new things. Her alerting bark is strong as well as her bite. She has all the potential in the world to make a great family protection dog.  Don’t let her warm cuddles fool you she is fierce.​

** NILLA IS FOR SALE:  $28,000